Who Can Use Our Workbooks?

Our Workbooks help Muslims Schools, madrasahs, parents, youth groups and weekend Islamic schools to move away from using low quality material and replace it with a clear, comprehensive and structured curriculum.

The Workbooks have been successfully taught to Muslim students across the world. Many educators have adapted the iSyllabus for Schools material and resources for their own specific requirements. Classes which are currently using our Workbooks include new Muslim groups, young offenders institutes, colleges, senior adult classes, and many more.

Islamic Schools

Each lesson in our Workbooks is designed to be taught over two school periods. Workbook 1 is designed for Year 7 pupils, which is 1st Year in Scotland. Workbook 2 is for Year 8s or 2nd Year in Scotland, and so forth.

All of the material is written to GCSE standards, and Workbook 5 covers the Islamic studies content for a GCSE Religious Studies qualification on Islam.

Islamic Classes

Our Workbooks are also designed to be used by weekend and weekday evening classes. Whether you want to start a new class, or use our Workbooks for an existing class, our material is easily adaptable.

The lessons in each of our Workbooks are designed to be taught in a 2-hour lesson with a 15-minute break in between.


Our Workbooks give home-educating parents everything they need to teach a class at home. We have made it easy for anyone to teach using these Workbooks, whether they have actual teaching experience or not.

The activities, questions and discussions are just as relevant for home- educating parents as they are for teachers and Imams.

Mosques and Madrasahs

Across the UK and the world, local madrasahs and mosques are adapting their classes to include Islamic Studies in English. Our Workbooks provide Imams and mosque teachers with the material they need to start teaching. Lessons can easily be incorporated into the evening madrasah teaching time- table and taught alongside Qur’an and Arabic.