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Workbook 3

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Workbook 3 has lessons covering a variety of topics, with particular focus on improving oneself. The Modules of Islam, Imaan, Ihsan and Living Islam, introduce new important topics.

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This Workbook is a continuation of the first and second Workbooks. The lessons in the first Module include details of how to perform Ghusl, the Janazah Prayer, I'tikaaf, Khushu in Prayer, Rizq and a description of the Days of Hajj.

The Imaan section introduces Taqwa, God-consciousness, The 99 Names, the Night Journey, Preservation of Qur'an and Types of Hadith.

The Ihsan Module has lessons covering Guarding the Tongue, Shukr or Gratefulness, Jihad, Tawakkul or Trust in Allah and Forgiveness. The Living Islam section covers Anti-Social Behaviour, Marriage, the Environment, the Hijra and The Prophet’s (pbuh) Last Sermon.

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