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Workbook 5 covers the material for the GCSE in Islam. The topics, content and questions in this Workbook are all written at GCSE level. This Workbook is an invaluable resource for those planning to set the GCSE in Islam, set by both AQA and Edexcel.

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The material in Workbook 5 covers the existing Islamic Studies GCSEs set by Edexcel and AQA. The language, taxonomy, learning objectives, vocabulary, lesson plans and material, questions in the Workbook and the associated Class Tests, have all been set at GCSE level and reflect the Islamic Studies GCSE exams. Additional material may need to be covered for the GCSEs.

This Workbook covers the 5 Pillars and the Articles of Faith in greater depth, and other topics such as, The Creativity of Allah, the Power of the Qur'an and Risalah or Prophethood. The Ihsan section covers Halal and Haram, Sufism, Muslim Dress, and Marriage and Sexual Attitudes.

The last section, Living Islam, introduce the Shariah, Birth and Death, the role of the Mosque and the Imam, the Days of Eid, Women in Islam, Racism and Discrimination, the Muslim Ummah and the Life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

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