Shaykh Mohammed Ruzwan
Director, Lecturer and co-founder of the iSyllabus Islamic Studies program.
“iSyllabus for Schools is one of the most important series of Islamic educational books for secondary schools produced. It is a monumental step towards the teaching of the religion of Islam and making it accessible to young Muslim students.”

Shaykh Amer Jamil
Director, Lecturer and co-founder of the iSyllabus Islamic Studies program.
“An excellent series of five Workbooks providing a complete Islamic studies curriculum. Along with the supporting material, the Teacher’s Packs, these Workbooks are an invaluable resource to all Islamic studies teachers.”

Shaykh Idris Watts
Founder of the Quranic Circle Arabic Learning Program.
“The iSyllabus for Schools series has been a breadth of fresh air for children studying Islamic studies. It enables them to engage and discuss themes that are relevant and important to them in their daily lives. It encourages them to think and express themselves in order to gain a greater appreciation for the way that their faith gives them meaning and is practical in enhancing their life experience; thoroughly recommend it.”

Shaykh Muhammad Aslam
Founder of the City of Knowledge Academy in Birmigham.
“The Workbooks are well presented with clear material and questions which help students understand the lessons. The Teacher’s Packs contain detailed lesson plans, worksheets and handouts which help the teacher teach and the pupils learn, respectively. The regular class tests help track progress and the pupils were very excited to receive their end of year exam certificates.”

Shaykh Hassan Rabbani
Founder Zainab Cobbold Institute, Imam and Lecturer.
“‘I have taught Islamic Studies for many years. I can say that isyllabus for school strikes an excellent balance between fun and learning. Each lesson is a special journey and students are able to engage critically through the various activities set out in each lesson. The breadth of each lesson means that beginners and those who have studied Islamic Studies previously can equally benefit.”