The iSyllabus for Schools Team

The iSyllabus For Schools Team

The iSyllabus for Schools project was undertaken by a dedicated team of writers, scholars, ‘Ulema, qualified school teachers, editors and designers. Our Workbooks and Teachers Packs, including Lesson Plans, Presentations with audio-visual content, Handouts and Worksheets, were reviewed by three qualified teachers, to ensure that a rigorous application of modern educational pedagogy was consistently applied in the content.

All of our material has been piloted in numerous madrasahs and schools in the UK and abroad. The whole process of reviewing and feedback has been incorporated into the final editions of the Workbooks

Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed
A Sunni theologian and scholar. He graduated with a distinction of merit from the prestigious Fat’ah Islamic Law College in Damascus. He is the author, educational director and lecturer of the iSyllabus Islamic Studies program.

Shaykh Amer Jamil
A scholar and co-founder of the iSyllabus Islamic Studies program. He holds university degrees in Law and Islamic Studies. He studied with scholars in Syria and Yemen, gaining teaching licences in various Islamic sciences.

Zubeir Alvi
The author of the iSyllabus for School Workbooks and supporting material. Having graduated in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leeds, he was the Islamic Coordinator at a secondary school in Manchester.

Furzana Ahmed
Graduated with a Masters from the University of Glasgow. She completed a PDGE in Secondary Teaching and has over 10 years teaching experience. She has studied the iSyllabus Diploma and Intermediate courses.

Jamil Rahman
Graduated from Durham University in Arabic, and completed an MPhil in Islamic Studies at the University of Birmingham. Currently, he is Head of Arabic and Islamic Education at a prestigious secondary school in Qatar.

Mariam Zahid-Jamil
Graduated with a Masters and a PGDE in Chemistry from the University of Strathclyde. She has taught in a number of secondary schools and has studied the iSyllabus Arabic, Diploma and Intermediate courses.