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Sourced from authentic scholarship and designed specifically for 11 to 15 year olds.
It's what teachers, parents and homeschoolers have been waiting for
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Our Workbooks make Islamic Studies easy to teach and easy to learn.

Workbook 1

Workbook One is the first in a series of five Islamic Studies books. It is a fully-structured Islamic Studies course for 10 to 15 year olds.
Featuring 36 interactive lessons, this book provides a detailed introduction to the basics of Islam.

Workbook 2

Next in the series, Workbook Two expands on the topics and lessons presented in the first Workbook. It continues the teaching structure and delves deeper into each topic.
The Activities, Discussions and Questions aim to make difficult topics easier to understand.

Workbook 3

Workbook Three continues to build on the subjects established in the first two Workbooks. This book presents even greater detail for each lesson.
The focus of this Workbook is to teach pupils how to improve themselves and others around them.


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Authored by qualified scholars, shaped by experienced school teachers.
iSyllabus for Schools has a world class team behind it.
Shaykh Ruzwan
Project Director

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We have to teach our children basic Islamic studies, so that they can grow up being comfortable with their faith and feel confident enough to practise their religion.

These Workbooks are packed with everything children need to know about Islam.
Shaykh Amer
Project Director

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iSyllabus for Schools was developed after recognising that there was a real lack of Islamic Studies resources for teachers and parents.

Our Workbooks makes Islam simple and easy to understand for children.
Ustadh Zubeir
Project Manager

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Our books make learning about Islam enjoyable and allow pupils to develop a connection with God and His beloved messenger, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

The iSyllabus for Schools Workbooks are by far the best Islamic Studies resource available for children.
What's everyone saying?

Detailed and beautifully presented book. I'd throughly recommend this to everyone.
— Mrs Nawaz, Parent

Fantastic! A great follow on to the first book
— Ms Shah, Teacher, Qatar

Sourced from authentic scholarship, designed for kids and teenagers.
— Shamila Akram, Mother of four

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