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Student Pack 2 includes Workbook 2 and Journal 2, which introduce the basic teachings of Islam, covering the 5 Pillars, the Articles of Faith, topics on Ihsan and Living Islam.

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The Islam Module includes lessons on methods of purification: the Istinja, the Adhan, Congregational Prayers, Giving Sadaqah, and the method of performing Umrah. The Imaan section covers Tawhid, the Oneness of God, Revelation, Collecting Hadith and a description of Angel Jibreel (a).

The Ihsan Module has lessons on Visiting the Sick, using the Miswak, Controlling Anger, Respecting Teachers, Hijab and Good Character, amongst others. The last section includes Sources of Islamic Law, Birth in Islam, Cleanliness, Islamic Art and the Life of the Prophet (pbuh) in Makkah.

Student Journal 2 comprises of Worksheets and Handouts for every lesson to support learning. Notes pages are provided for each lesson for students to capture important information and complete Workbook Activities instead of a separate notebook.

Download the free Scheme of Work for Workbook 2

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