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Student Pack 4 includes Workbook 4 and Journal 4, which introduce the basic teachings of Islam, covering the 5 Pillars, the Articles of Faith, topics on Ihsan and Living Islam.

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Workbook 4 continues to expand on the themes highlighted in the previous Workbooks and introduces concepts and questions at GCSE level.

Lessons in the Islam Module of this Workbook introduce Tayammum or ablution in the absence of water, the Travelling Prayer, Giving a Khutbah or sermon, Calculating Zakat, Ramadan and a description of a Spiritual Hajj.

The Imaan section covers lessons on Describing God, Themes of the Qur’an, The Four Schools of Thought, Love of the Prophet (pbuh), a description of Prophet Isa (a) and Heaven and Hell.

The Ihsan Module describes Arrogance, Patience, Gender Interaction, Backbiting, Earning a Living and a Description of the Prophet (pbuh). The final section, Living Islam, covers Community Work, Racism, Justice, Extremism in Religion, Parenting, Death and Burial and Music, Song and Poetry.

Student Journal 4 comprises of Worksheets and Handouts for every lesson to support learning. Notes pages are provided for each lesson for students to capture important information and complete Workbook Activities instead of a separate notebook.

Download the free Scheme of Work for Workbook 4

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