iSyllabus for Schools is a new Islamic Studies curriculum for 11-15 year olds.

Our full-colour, easy-to-use Workbooks cover a full five-year Islamic Studies curriculum. Our approach helps teach the religion of Islam in a simple and unambiguous way.

Our Workbooks will help Muslims Schools, madrasahs, parents, youth groups and weekend Islamic schools, move away from using second-rate material and replace it with a more clear, comprehensive and structured curriculum.

Islamic Schools

  • Islamic Studies in Muslim secondary schools is usually based on two lessons per week.

  • Each lesson in our Workbooks is based on 2 one-hour lesson! Workbook 1 is designed for Year 7 pupils (1st Year in Scotland) and Workbook 2 is for Year 8s, etc.

Weekend Islamic Schools

  • Our Workbooks are also designed to be used by weekend Islamic schools.

  • Whether you want to start a new class, or use our Workbooks for an existing class, this is the material for you.

  • Our lessons are designed to be used in a 2-hour lesson with a 15 minute break in between.


  • Our Workbooks give homeschooling parents everything they need to teach a class at home.

  • We've made it easy for anyone teach using these books, whether you have teaching experience or not.


  • Across the UK and the world, local madrasahs in mosques are adapting their classes to include Islamic Studies in English.

  • Our books provide imams and mosque teachers with the material they need to start teaching two hours a week.

iSyllabus for Schools has been thoughtfully adapted to the needs of all Muslim children, whether they are home-schooled, attend a madrasah or are pupils at a Muslim School.
Our Team
Shaykh Ruzwan Project Director
Shaykh Amer Project Director
Ustadh Zubeir Project Manager
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