Workbook 1

Workbook One is the first in a series of five Islamic Studies books. It is a fully-structured Islamic Studies course for 10 to 15 year olds.
Featuring 36 interactive lessons, this book provides a detailed introduction to the basics of Islam.

  • Full colour workbook
  • 36 easy to teach lessons
Paperback:144 pages
Publisher:iSyllabus Publications (1 Aug 2014)
Dimensions:5mm x 210mm x 297mm
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The iSyllabus for Schools Workbook One is based on the iSyllabus Foundation Islamic Studies course written and compiled by Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed.

It covers the five pillars of Islam, the articles of faith, adab and akhlaq (morals and manners), the life of the Prophet Muhammad (s) and themes from the Qur'an.

Workbook One is the first in a series of five workbooks. There are 36 two-hour lessons in the Workbook. Each lesson is presented in standard textbook format with activity boxes, key terms, points of discussion and learning outcomes. In addition, a series of class tests are available, designed to provide a better understanding of the material.


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Class Tests
Class Tests for Workbook 1
I've been looking for this my whole life.”
Aziz Ansari, School teacher, UK

A very engaging book, I love the activity boxes, it makes teaching so much easier. ”
Shabana Akram, Parent , UK

Detailed and beautifully presented book. I'd throughly recommend this to everyone.”
Mrs Nawaz, Parent, UK

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