Workbook 2

Next in the series, Workbook Two expands on the topics and lessons presented in the first Workbook. It continues the teaching structure and delves deeper into each topic.
The Activities, Discussions and Questions aim to make difficult topics easier to understand.

  • 30 Structured Lessons
  • Full-Colour Workbook
Paperback:144 pages
Publisher:Solas Foundation Press (27 Sep 2014)
Dimensions:21.3 x 13.7 x 2.5 cm
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The lessons in this workbook are divided into 4 modules: Islam, Imaan, Ihsan and Living Islam.
Islam. The lessons in this module include details of purification, congregational prayers and giving charity.
Imaan. This section covers descriptions of God from the Qur’an, collecting hadith and matters concerning death and the grave.
Ihsan. The lessons in this module cover ways to develop a person’s character, visiting the sick, miracles of the Prophet s and hijab.
Living Islam. The lessons in this module include the sources of Islamic Law, the Prophet s in Makkah and Islamic Art.


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Class Tests
Class Tests for Workbook 2
Very clear and well-structured, thank you iSyllabus”
Mr Khan, Deputy Head, UK, UK

Fantastic! A great follow on to the first book”
Ms Shah, Teacher, Qatar, UK

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