Workbook 3

Workbook Three continues to build on the subjects established in the first two Workbooks. This book presents even greater detail for each lesson.
The focus of this Workbook is to teach pupils how to improve themselves and others around them.

  • 30 Structures Lessons
  • Full-Colour Workbook
Paperback:144 pages
Publisher:iSyllabus Publications (27 Sep 2014)
Dimensions:21.3 x 13.7 x 2.5 cm
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The lessons in this workbook are divided into 4 modules: Islam, Imaan, Ihsan and Living Islam.
Islam. The lessons in this module include details of Ghusl, Janazah Prayer and I'tikaaf.
Imaan. This section covers Taqwa, the Night Journey and the Preservation of Qur'an.
Ihsan. The lessons in this module cover Shukr, Tawakkul and Forgiveness.
Living Islam. The lessons in this module include Anti-Social Behaviour, Marriage and the Environment.


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Class Tests
Class Tests for Workbook 3
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